All girls, teenagers and women should do martial arts! Here is why.

If you are a parent of a young girl, you should enroll your pre-teen/teen into Brazilian jiu jitsu at C2 Martial Arts, Ocean Reef (7 minutes from Joondalup). Our world is ever changing and it’s not getting better unfortunately, the crime rate is exponential, and it is going to get much worse! Much worse, just listen to the news, it is not for the faint hearted.

Young women, pre teens and teenagers are physically much weaker than men. This makes women much more vulnerable to sex crimes, violence and physical abuse. Women may become an easy target for a grown man. The effects of such atrocities can cause many debilitating issues if exposed to such behaviours can be long lasting and very damaging. Diseases such as bulimia, depression, drug use, self harming and low self esteem, may be carried on into their adult life. Add in hormones into the mix in those pre teen/teenage years, yes you can imagine, it’s pretty tough on any young girl with so many changes happening. A pre-teen female can find these changes to her body physically extremely overwhelming, which may create insecurity and emotional turmoil.

But, when a young girl is grounded in a martial art the effects of these changes can lead to a very different result. Girls need to know their place in society they need to know their worth. When a young female becomes a martial artist, not only does she learn self defence, she learns respect for herself, develops self esteem which helps her overcome her insecurity. She no longer feels the need to fit in, because she found a place where she is valued.

Being able to defend herself gives her a sense of power. She become strong mentally, emotionally and physically. Girls who can defend themselves become calm-centered and level headed. Girls who have learned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu learn to diffuse a situation, rather than aggravate a situation because they know and have the ability to depend on themselves.

Many young girls who practice martial arts become more focused in their learning, their school work and at home, because the effect of learning martial arts creates discipline in their life, from training at their dojo. Most girls who know their worth, don’t dabble with drugs. They know how to direct their overwhelming emotions into their training, to become a better version of themselves. They become less gossipy, and more ambitious. They become more goal orientated, and generally spend less time keeping up with the latest fashion and make up, and they spend more time on self development and a healthy mindset. As girls spend more time on the mats, they become more connected with other like minded girls giving them a safe place to fit in. Bonding with other members at C2 Martial Arts is also easy, as our members treat each other as family. You find girls learn to adapt to stress better, as they are put in stressful situations every time they train, they may compare themselves for a session, but the next training session, they come with their A game. It’s easy for a girl to learn perseverance, as every day is an opportunity for them to become a better version of themselves.

As new people join our dojo, the girls who have been training longer, teach the newer girls how to behave, an atmosphere of respect is the driving force of C2 Martial Arts. They not only learn to respect the newer members, but higher belts, other members, parents and their head coach.

Women are usually put into a box. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not based on gender, the girls do and see what the boys are doing, expanding their abilities mentally, and not confining them to their size/shape or physique. Speaking to the opposite sex, isn’t intimidating, and girls who learn martial arts generally won’t settle because they are not shy to speak to the opposite gender. This is because by sparring with other males, teaches young girls that they can pick and choose who they want to date, talking to boys is no longer a fear. Girls become less tolerant to unnecessary drama because they develop confidence, focus when training Brazilian jiu jitsu. Girls become more picky with who they spend their time with.

Staying physically fit and healthy is a given, but also building stamina, strength and endurance is what girls carry with them through those though teenage years, promoting a positive self image.
Make sure you check out our timetable at C2 Martial Arts- all levels and belts welcome!