Teenager’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (13+) classes in Perth, Ocean Reef (near Joondalup) WA

Developing kids character and self confidence in a secure and fun environment.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a great way to improve focus and fitness in our teens. BJJ is a weaponless self-defence which uses leverage and technique over strength. It is designed to weaken a bigger and stronger opponent, it was created by the Gracie family. Teenagers in general can sometimes be volatile and unpredictable. But often, teenagers who feel unstable in their mind are usually the ones who cause the most trouble or turn to drugs to fill the void. The dreaded hormone changes doesn’t make life any easier for them. At C2 Martial Arts our teenager’s will not only learn the life skills to defend themselves successfully, but these skills will overflow into their adult life, eliminating a potential path of destruction in their later years. Our students learn the skill of BJJ techniques by practising on other students and instructors but their interpersonal growth comes from discipline and time on the mats.

At our northern suburb’s academy, teenagers will learn to handle uncomfortable or threatening situations with discipline, respect for oneself and with ease. We have found our teenagers feel more confident, safe, self-assured, and secure knowing they can react quickly if they need to defend themselves. Our students learn accountability and mental and physical toughness, through training, conversations with their BJJ friends and our instructors. We have found some teens who were troublemakers lose their pride and arrogance because what they are missing, can easily be found with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. A quiet confidence. A teenager who knows they can defend themselves will generally use BJJ as a last resort too, so managing aggression and self regulation becomes easier, with less outbursts and internal rage.

At C2 Martial Arts, a northern suburbs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) academy, friendship is a priority for youth, feeling like a misfit at school can be isolating, potentially leading to depression and anxiety. Doing a sport alongside other students with a similar passion, makes life for our teens easier and less stressful, especially in circumstances where school is a battlefield. We promote and encourage healthy relationships with other like-minded students, by creating a safe place for them to learn BJJ and share their heart. At C2MA we mentor our teenagers whenever is necessary so that they feel a sense of belonging and acceptance too. Because we are a family, we have often found our students helping each other out when a need is apparent. The smaller class sizes and instructors at C2 Martial Arts (Legion 13 academy) ensures youth receive the attention they need to progress their self defence game and overall mental health.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps bring ‘quiet’ in their minds. Our training involves warm ups, techniques and free rolling. Our classes encourage teamwork, coordination and focus which enforces positive behaviour and open communication. Our structured program helps our teenagers to master the art of self defence and self control, which they will carry through into their adult lives.

The skills learned are applied during grappling and structured learning. Most of our classes, students wear a Gi.  Our BJJ belt systems is in line with the BJJ standards, set by the Gracie family. The ranking system as follows:

  • White belt

  • Grey White belt

  • Gray belt

  • Grey/Black belt

  • Yellow belt

  • Yellow/White belt

  • Orange belt belt

  • Green belt belt

All teenagers between the age of 13 – 16 years old can register for our teenager classes.

We have a 1 week trial period where you can find out if your teenager likes it, book, and register on our home page for your free trial!

Our Teenager’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Perth Classes, in Ocean Reef (near Joondalup) (13+ to 16 years old)

Monday 17:00-18:00

Tuesday 17:00-18:00

Wednesday 17:00-18:00

Thursday 17:00-18:00



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Awesome training facilities. Crimson is friendly, welcoming, patient and is an excellent teacher. Other club members are friendly and welcoming too and it’s like one big happy family. It is a wonderful to see my young son progress there and he loves his club so much. I would highly recommend it to anyone no matter your age. Alison Hunt


— Teens Classes ($55 per fortnight) —

C2 Martial Arts
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Ocean Reef, Perth, Western Australia

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