How do you bully proof your children? Martial Arts is the answer!

Choosing a martial art suitable for you?

The choice to train BJJ or deciding which martial art is suitable for the individual, boils down to personal choice. There are stand up martial arts like kickboxing and Muay Thai, Judo does pins and throws and then Brazilian jiu jitsu is primarily ground game.

Whatever martial arts class you decide to enrol your child in, learning any martial arts, is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child and teenagers, as they mature in age and as they journey through life. You, as their parent, won’t worry as much in comparison to a parent with an untrained child. Martial arts training is not just self-defence or a sport activity, it’s learning a skill that shapes your child mentally, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Training any martial arts can teach children techniques and strategies to use their words, seek help, empathize, and rely on their strength and self-confidence to deal with and neutralize bullying.

A child won’t be thinking about their bad day at school when they are in compromising positions during training. Our students have an outlet to release steam, which will help them decompress from the days stresses and become more relaxed in their world outside of training. Martial arts offers a clean lifestyle and builds your child’s character. If a child loves the martial arts they’re enrolled in, they are less likely to become involved in drugs or excessive drinking as they will more than likely gravitate towards other students in their dojo who are like-minded.

How does C2MA bullyproof our students?

The Gracie Bullyproof program we offer at C2 Martial Arts, is founded on the sport and martial art created by the Gracie Jiu Jitsu family. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ, are martial art classes, a self defence program and a sport that helps equip your child with the confidence to defend themselves against violent punches, verbal harassment, harmful harassment, physical aggression and physical attacks. Our kids and teens martial arts, BJJ program will build a child’s confidence in more ways than just having that knowing they can defend themselves, with the technique and technical skills they’ll learn at C2 Martial Arts. They will also learn respect, they will learn mental strength, they will refine their motor skills, social skills, they will develop verbal assertiveness strategies and will overall, become a more confident child, when it comes to bullying.

A Gracie Bullyproof class at C2MA taches your kids and teens and teaches them prevention with less intervention is best, when they are confronted with a threating situation. Without a doubt, by learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, your children will become a more confident individuals as they mature. They’ll also learn to be humble.

When children train in Jiu-Jitsu, they are taught how to defeat an opponent, avoid various types of holds, and use their body to force an attacker into submission. Your child will also learn to subdue a larger opponent without hurting the bully. Your kids will learn all sorts of tricks that can protect them in the face of danger, like when bullies start physically attacking them. As far as self defence is concerned, when a fight goes to the ground, how do you punch your attacker? Think about it, it’s pretty hard to punch when someone has their arm around your neck in a choke hold. This is why we focus on teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Your children will be taught how to disarm their attacker if they take their attacker to the floor, so they walk away unharmed.

At C2 Martial Arts, we have found that building a student’s confidence is one of the best ways to help your child defend themselves against any type of bullying.

A bully or being bullied? BJJ Boundaries

At C2 Martial Arts, Crimson a Legion 13 black belt, the head instructor teaches kids how to put out fires (hostile situations) with water (level-headedness). One of the rules drilled into our young people when training at C2MA, is to never hurt your partner. That’s why, you never have to worry about your child becoming an instigator of trouble or a bully with our guidance. However, if your child is a bully when they start coming to training, we’ll put a stop to that too. We train children to not bully others, through discipline and by giving them an unshakable confidence in themselves, so they don’t feel the need to prove themselves to anyone else or to hurt others. BJJ is the only bullyproof program for children that teaches children exactly what techniques they can and cannot use. Some moves are for certain age groups, as they can cause some serious damage, if a young person puts the move on quickly. Training is to teach them submissions and attacks if they need it in real life situations.

When someone is a bully towards your child and they’re forced to respond to the bully. We’ll teach your child to use their words first, to stop bullies’ actions from escalating. We also focus on some nonviolent self-defence techniques to stay safe in the event of a physical attack. We find most kids will more than likely walk away or not react, as they have that quiet confidence and that knowing, that they can defend themselves if they need to. They understand they have nothing to prove to the attacker or instigator of trouble, but if they need to use it to defend themselves in real life situations, the skills they learn at training becomes a reflex and they more than likely walk away unscathed.

Crimson, in his years of training, has heard from other parents that their jiu-jitsu trained kids chased the bullies away from hurting other kids and the BJJ student, walked confidently knowing they’re fully capable of managing themselves and they have the confidence to help other kids in compromising situations. More often than not, our students try and avoid confrontation. Jiu-jitsu literally means “soft art” and we’ve had many real-life success stories where older kids bullied our students and they put an end to it without any physicality or the use of their body to attack their opponent. At C2 Martial Arts classes, we teach our students to breathe slowly (calm breathing exudes calm composure) and speak confidently to prevent any immediate threat from a bully.

A good video to watch is the show Jr. Grapplers Gracie Bullyproof, which focuses on 33 nonviolent self-defence techniques, teaches kids to “neutralize and negotiate” with bullies.

How do you help your child fight bulling in the real world and as adults?

As parents, we cannot fully protect our son and daughters from the bullies and dangers of real life. It is unrealistic to assume that our schools can protect our children even with a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. Our primary goal at C2MA is to help parent’s fight bullying by helping our sons and daughters learn to stand up for themselves and others by dealing constructively and confidently with a potential bully. While we have made great strides in raising awareness -in efforts to protect against bullying in schools and at work – as parents and educators, we must prepare our children to deal with bullying on a personal level, which can be achieve through education. Self-defence education and self-defence training.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu not only teaches kids the value of success through dedication and hard work, but it is also a fantastic way to harness your child’s anger. Children need a way to feel secure, confident and empowered, so they don’t walk around with “a chip on their shoulder.” At our gym children are not only taught to speak confidently when needed, but they also learn how to use direct eye contact and confident gestures. This confidence and the skills they learn in training, is able to give them the confidence to deter bullies who are targeting them. Bullies usually back off when the other person stands up to them and shows no profound fear. Especially with children in the school yard. Yes, the skills kids learn can prevent bullies from causing physical harm, but Crimson often tells our school aged student practitioners to not use jiu jitsu outside of training, especially at school. This is because other children who don’t train in BJJ, don’t know how to ‘tap’. A tap releases the attacked from a submission and in training, it’s a cue for the attacker to release their grip. If a child has their opponent in a choke hold, it can be lethal. This is why, we teach our students to find other ways of controlling a situation than using the art, usually by telling a teacher or a principal. Most students, as they age, have more understanding of the skills and Gracie bullyproof techniques, so if they are put in a compromising position may use BJJ on the street in a real-life fight.

Our Gracie bullyproof program is one of the few jiu-jitsu programs for kids that segregates children by age and experience level to ensure every kid gets the perfect balance of fun, games and challenge in weekly marital arts lessons. Join our BJJ program and take advantage of our introductory free week trial offer. Our BJJ program focuses on character development and a lifestyle change. We also offer adult martial arts classes, adults can also enjoy our kickboxing class with coach Bryan. We are an MMA academy. After you receive a free trial, you will see that we have the highest quality martial arts program!