BJJ – More than just self Defence

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is known as a “gentle art” as there is no striking, punching or weapons. This martial art uses grappling and the goal is to disarm your opponent using technique and skill over strength. Our BJJ training center in Ocean Reef, 5 minutes from Joondalup is designed to equip kids (5+), teenagers and adults with the skills required to defend themselves. There are many other benefits other than self defence that one would learn.

Most kids struggle in school with focus and discipline, but with our classes they are encouraged learn the techniques and positions. This requires them to listen, watch and learn. Submitting an opponent isn’t second nature. Like learning anything new, they need to use as many senses to master the skills taught. Their focus turns to their instructors voice and they tend to forget the days stresses. BJJ students are taught to push past their frustration, uncoordinated and lack of skill, in time as they become more persistent. BJJ martial artists are taught tenacity. A life skill which teaches them to never give up. At the beginning people often “tap out” time and time again, yet the still turn up to our C2 Martial Arts, Ocean Reef Dojo as they know in time they will improve. People over come fears, and demons holding them back. The fear of being forcefully hurt is overcome, as our students build their confidence with a warrior mindset.

With learning the techniques for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, our student’s aim is to not hurt or injure their training partner. This is taught to all ages and levels. Discipline is imperative and is taught indirectly to students, as they are conscious of their training partner. A BJJ student becomes not only aware of themselves but those around them, especially when sparring and rolling. This has an overflow effect in our students personal life. In a situation where someone is forced to react quickly, the level of force needed will be quickly accessed. BJJ students become more aware of their surroundings which allows them to be more vigilant and effective by executing the right amount of force and techniques to resist their opponent using BJJ.

Crimson Cruz is a brown belt Brazilian Jiu Instructor, taught by Grayson West from Legion 13. After 10 years of committed training Crimson is dedicated to teaching students, kids, teenagers and adults the gentle art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.