Legion 13 – 5 minutes from Joondalup

Legion 13 is one of the biggest self defense gyms in Perth, with affiliates all over the world. Legion 13 was founded by Professor Grayson West. One of the most humble, inspiring and knowledgeable mentors, with over 18 years of training in BJJ. Grayson founded Legion 13 many years ago and teaches self defence to children, teenagers and adults. Legion 13 has world champions coming out of the gym. BJJ self defence martial artists have travelled to America, Japan, Brazil and Russia to compete and many have walked away with Gold medals. C2 Martial Arts is affiliated with Legion 13. Crimson Cruz, trained under Grayson West at Legion 13, for over 10 years. He learnt stand up defence to take down skills, then onto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Legion 13 competes at the AFBJJ competitions many times a year, and on several competitions we have won Gold and silver, at the last state Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions. Our self defence martial artists won gold in the children’s division and silver for adults. Incredible results, when Legion 13 gyms band together, we win!!

We have an in house competition on Sunday 30th June from 9 am onwards. Legion 13 HQ 1/53 Kent Street, Cannington, WA, 6107. $20 kids, $25 Adults to register in our competition and $5 for spectators. Registrations are now open. All Legion 13 members and affiliates are welcome to compete – Register at https://smoothcomp.com/en/event/2182