Martial Arts – Why all teenagers should train!!

Do you remember your teenager days and how tough those days were? The times you were angry because your parents were ‘annoying’, had strict rules to adhere to, creating hostility and anger and aggression in you? Managing your emotions was TOUGH! Feeling the fire burning within and trying to control yourself.

The time when you got bullied at school as a kid, teenager or an adult? Being laughed at, mocked, emotionally in turmoil with the things your other classmates said. Do you remember how vulnerable you felt, unable to defend yourself? Remember how it made you feel? Isolated, sad, lonely? Growing up is challenging. Sometimes even exhausting emotionally and mentally.

We have come across many situations where teenagers were advised to do martial arts, to help control their aggression. Boys usually show aggression. It may come in the form of shouting, physically restraining someone or even using weapons or their body to do physical harm.

Girls can become nasty and spiteful, may turn to drugs as a way of escaping their reality. Remember those female hormones?

Did you ever see a therapist who advised your parents for you to do martial arts? Our martial arts academy in 7 minutes from Joondalup, caters to all teenagers. Especially those who feel they don’t belong. The ones that need to find an escape, an outlet, a hiding place, a place they feel secure and safe. Teenagers get and maintain their fitness. As they start to come more regularly they build their confidence. A martial artist becomes humble, as they navigate through this new journey. They know there is always someone bigger and stronger than them, sometimes they win, sometimes they learn. They never lose. When they practice the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves over and over, it becomes like second nature. They build their self-defence techniques. Exercise if a huge part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The warm ups, drills, techniques and wresting enables your teenagers to have balance, of both exercising alone as well as with other students. Our BJJ martial arts academy is in Ocean Reef, 7 minutes from Joondalup have our classes designed for those ‘misfits’ the kids where they need some where to belong. The closeness, physically, using leverage over strength of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) activates serotonin which is the ‘happy’ hormone removing the feeling of loneliness and replacing it with the feeling of belonging, security, focus, motivation, attention and effort. As most martial artist’s progresses and train regularly, they learn to calm their spirit, mind and heart. They learn to react with self-control, they don’t feel the need to always been centre of attention, because they know somewhere they belong. Martial arts changes your teen from the inside, out.