Technique Matters For Success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Total dependence on strength in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) means a slowdown on your progress in this great martial art. While you can get quite stronger, you can achieve considerable developments in your technical skills in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. By correct improvement of the various techniques, you can face any type of aggressor, irrespective of how big or strong he or she is. BJJ trains you to correctly position, leverage and use the larger muscle groups together on ligaments, smaller joints, an appendage to have better control of the opponent, ultimately to submit. It is the application of the correct techniques in BJJ that help in defeating the largest of aggressors.

Beginner’s Dependence on Strength in BJJ

In the beginning, it becomes difficult to understand the smaller details of BJJ. Almost by default, you are likely to use your natural strength to overpower your opponent during your early belts. This will likely to show good results on smaller and less skilled opponents. Unfortunately, one will come across opponents of different sizes and abilities, and you will find the strength not coming to that use with bigger and highly skilled opponents.

If you find the strength not showing the expected success, what should you do? This is often the question asked by the white, blue and purple belts. The most fundamental concept is to have a complete focus on improving the techniques, without worrying about the immediate defeat of your opponents in the academy. Drilling the various techniques to perfection remains a great way to see improvement in your fight against your opponent. When the techniques are performed really well, you will realize that strength does not come to much help in success against your opponent.

Slow Move Training For Improving Technique

When training your technique of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Joondalup for the first time, make sure not to do it hard or fast. Train the technique slowly to bring perfection to every detail of the movement. You actually help the muscle memory by making the movement slowly at first. Find out answers to all your questions from your coaches and professors that come up to your mind. Jot down the technique in your notebook as it is described. All these will help you in improving the technique.

At the outset, you are likely to find your notebook filled with a volume of information and techniques described. Select up to three techniques and focus on those. Practice with smaller people as you roll with them while focusing on the technique, without powering or smashing the technique. Instead of a desire to win, focus on knowledge and experience. And have fun all through. When not competing in the academy, you can concentrate on your technique.

Spend More Time on the Mats

Mats remain the best place to improve your techniques. The more time you spend on the mats, the better you are going to become a success. Using your strength consciously, you can be sure to improve your technical skills. Once you are finished with a technique, it is time to focus on the dong the move in the best way possible in live training. If it is done well, it will seem effortless. Your time in the mat is actually moving your active thinking and helping to treat the move to muscle memory. This conscious minded training will work to defeat your opponents with pure techniques, without the use of strength.