Why does it take 10 years to become a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) black belt?

It takes a minimum of 10 years to get your black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and many would ask why! There are a few BJJ Prodigies who have earned their belt in a lot less time, BJ Penn or Shinya Aoki, a lightweight champion for example. but for most, its usually 10 years of consistent training. Sounds tough – it is.. and most people quit along the way! Our BJJ dojo, 5 minutes from Joondalup is where you can start your BJJ journey!

 Not only does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu require discipline, but it also requires a certain level of technical skill to advance to the next level. This can take from 6 months to 3 years to obtain each belt. Each student’s ability and complexity differs and their advancement is not always linear. A student must show resilience, humility, character and tenacity when on the mats and in training. The ability and knowledge of a student varies at every level, no two fighters style is the same despite being on the same belt. Ever played chess, or tried to put together a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle? Yeah! You get the picture. It can be tough, frustrating and it requires mental strength to continue without any loss of enthusiasm.. Many students plateau with their training when their other gym buddy’s work out their game plan or the new person on the block is stronger, more technical or more knowledgeable than you. You must not only adjust to their style but you must think outside the square so you can submit your opponent.  This often requires mental strength to continue, frustration often becomes your biggest friend and greatest enemy, as it pushes you to new depths mentally and technically. A martial artist will learn the art of relaxing and will learn that you don’t always win, sometimes you must learn, even if it takes a hit to your ego! At C2 Martial Arts, our gym, 5 minutes from Joondalup you will learn more than just self-defence.

WHITE BELT – you have to start somewhere

BJJ training is like building blocks, once you get the foundation right, technically you can move slightly to the left or slightly to the right, hold tighter, squeeze more and reposition to submit your opponent. Conditioning your body to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an important part of building your skill level and knowledge. Eventually you can gauge which way your opponent is going to move when you have been training for some time, you learn to use his weight and movement as leverage for submissions. Mastering the art of BJJ is acquired through practice, varying your positions to advance your skill, continuous training and  building your confidence. at C2 Martial Arts in Ocean Reef, 5 minutes from Joondalup, we teach young kids, teenagers and adults self-defence. We focus on escapes, guards and mounts. Repetitively. Consistently training becomes your biggest advantage especially as a white belt.

BLUE BELT – you will become the master escape artist

“I built my game off a solid defence. I first made it almost impossible for anybody to tap me out.” Roger Gracie, one of the world’s best fighters always made this bold statement. As a blue belt you would have mastered the basic and you will now have to learn to defend and oppress your opponent on a much deeper level after 2-3 years of training consistently. Defending and escaping by passing guard, side, back and front mounts will be techniques mastered as a blue belt. A blue belt cannot advance unless they have a strong defence game! At blue belt level, most BJJ students will build on the skills they learnt as a white belt. We have several white belts who have advanced to blue belt at our Joondalup dojo.

PURPLE BELT – Momentum is the key goal for a purple belt.

Escaping and defending with ease and with little hardship will give a purple belt need for less movement and wasted energy. A student is usually on their purple belt after 4-6 years. It takes time to work our your game and ensure the foundations you have are solid, you will work on your offence and you should be dangerously strong from most positions.

BROWN BELT – from the defence to attacking!

A brown belts knowledge is detailed. Most brown belts have been training for at least 7-8 years consistently. A brown belt will be much more aggressive in submissions, sweeps and passes and will move much more fluently with ease, as they close in on the air pockets of their opponents. Most brown belts change from being in the bottom position to dominating in the top position. Most brown belts can counter attack any position, as their knowledge is extensive. Most brown belts will have their signature moves and own techniques which they find success almost every time. A brown belt, will adapt to situations easily and will not be afraid to dominate. Learning humility will come complimentary as most brown belts will still be ‘tapped out’. Noone is invincible. You can’t win every time! You will meet Crimson our chief instructor at our dojo in Joondalup/Ocean Reef.

BLACK BELT – deadly and dangerous

Having practiced positions thousands of times, a black belt can not only see positions but adjusts his leverage to counter attack any position, there are several variations to one move, which makes a black belt dangerous. There are hundreds of techniques to master, and most BJJ artists at this level can counter attack most moves. Passion for the sport is obvious, as not many martial artists make it to this level, usually about 10 years of training. They have not only changed their game in those ten years but it changed them from the inside and their martial arts has overflown into their personal lives. As Carlos Gracie Jr once said “Discipline and consistency. I owe these two factors all I have attained in my life. Things have never happened overnight. Results have appeared as a consequences of decades long toil. It is necessary to persist.”

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